Preschool dance class student with hula hoop Pulse Dance Center dance school Augusta GA

A New Look For A New Year

What an exciting time for our studio as we grow!!! We have started off the year with a bang! A new lobby. A new retail store. And now a new website. But let’s pause from the “newness” and talk more about dance…

What can dance do for your child? SO MUCH.

Dance is a great way for your child to develop confidence that will stay with him/her throughout life. Self-esteem and confidence are two key skills that we believe in BIG time at Pulse Dance Center. Sometimes it’s not just about the steps. Our dance education goes far beyond just 5,6,7,8. If we can teach the dancers to feel good about themselves and leave class with a sense of accomplishment, then we consider that a day well spent.

Dance can do so much more your child than just keep them active. Aside from self-esteem, dance teaches children that hard work pays off. Every dancer will tell you there is no greater feeling than mastering a dance step. Dance steps can be tricky, but with practice a step can be mastered. Practice teaches perseverance. Practice teaches patience. Practice teaches work ethic. Practice leads to success.

It teaches that hard work pays off. It gives them confidence. These are skills that they can carry with them through everyday life at school, into college, and into their careers.

Do you want your child to develop those skills? So do we! We look forward to watching your child grow with us in both dance and life!